Episode summary

Jo visits Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where single mom Jency Williams (31) has three unruly children under 15: Bradley (12), Kelsee (10) and Hagan (5).

With Jency working two jobs, she relies on her grandparents, Hal (75) and Carolyn (76) to take care of the kids when she has to work.

Hagan is very angry and disrespectful by being extremely aggressive towards his mother and siblings and loses his temper.

Bradley and Kelsee don't act out as much as Hagan, but Bradley sometimes fights with his siblings, and Kelsee talks back to her mother.

Jency’s grandparents also worry about what will happen when they're unable to take care of Jency's kids, although the kids show their best behavior of their great grandparents. When Jency has the kids, they misbehave right in front of her.

Can Jo help this single mom out?

Family members

  • Hal "Papaw" Smith (75)(Harold Raymond Smith (born June 1, 1931, died April 12, 2014) - died of a heart attack)
  • Carolyn Smith (76)(Carolyn Elizabeth Smith (née Treece) (born September 19, 1930, died October 16, 2015))
  • Jency Williams (31)
  • Bradley (12)
  • Kelsee (10)
  • Hagan (5)


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