Episode summary

Jo visits the Weinstein family in Amherst, Ohio. Chia (29) and David (39) are parents to four rowdy children: 7-year-old McKenna, 6-year-old Tina, 5-year-old Julia, and 2-year-old Robert.

With David working as a trucker away from home for more than 10 days in a row, Chia is left to look after the kids on her own. At night, bedtime is a disaster because the kids refuse to stay in their rooms and it takes hours to get them to sleep.

David is frustrated with Chia's lack of authority and overcompensates by behaving like a big bully with yelling and a very threatening physical demeanor around his kids to try and assert his authority as a parent, but it usually leaves them in tears.

Can Jo help this family and help David control his mean temper?

Weinstein Family/Transcript

Family members

  • David Weinstein, 39
  • Chia Weinstein, 29
  • McKenna, 7
  • Christina, 6
  • Julia, 5
  • Robert, 2

Behind the scenes

The episode was filmed in July 2006.


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