Episode summary

Jo visits the Walker Family in Plainfield, Illinois where Alice (32) and Anthony (42) need help with their 3 kids: 12-year-old son Anthony Jr., 6- year-old daughter Naleila, and 14-month-old daughter Alyssa. Alice's 17-year-old nephew, Marcus also lives with the family.

Anthony Jr. has no respect for his parents, Naleila refuses to sleep in her own bed and has been sleeping in her parents' room every night since she was a baby. Alyssa is very clingy to Alice, who nurses Alyssa to sleep instead of teaching her how to go to sleep on her own.

Alice runs a home daycare and is at a loss of how to discipline her kids. Can Jo help this family out?


Family members
  • Anthony Walker, 42
  • Alice Walker, 32
  • Anthony Jr., 12
  • Nalelia, 6
  • Alyssa, 14 months
  • Marcus, 17 (cousin)
Other people
  • Dwyane Wade - NBA player


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