The Young Family is the fourth episode of Season 7 of the American Supernanny show.

Episode summary


In between playing with hatchets, boys tussle and flip each other upside down during the submission reel, while Jenye (holding Crew) looks on

Jo visits the Young Family who reside on a secluded island in Whidbey Island, Washington where Ricky (27) and Jenye (29) have three sons: 6-year-old Nicco, 4-year-old Makai and 21-month-old Crew.

Because of Ricky's job, the family has moved four times in a year and are moving again for the fifth time.

Due to a lack of consistency and rules, Nicco and Makai are allowed to run wild in and out of the house. Jenye and Ricky even allow them to play with dangerous objects such as hatchets and machetes.

When Ricky tries to discipline these boys, it leads to tantrums. Jenye's first instinct is to comfort her boys and she sabotages any form of discipline set in place, doesn't stand firm with her husband & can't bring herself tell her kids "no." This has left the boys in a house where there are no rules, no discipline and nobody tells them "no."

Also, Crew usually sleeps in his parents' bedroom because he doesn't sleep in his crib and Jenye constantly gives into his crying, resulting in Ricky's sleep deprivation.

Can Jo teach them lessons about structure, discipline and stability? Can Jenye get a backbone, learn to stop mollycoddling her kids and tell them no? And can these children learn that sometimes more things mean no rather than yes?

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Family members

  • Jenye Young, 29
  • Ricky Young, 27
  • Nicco, 6
  • Makai, 4
  • Crew, 2


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