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For the first time, Jo helps out divorced parents. Aaron Sr. (54) and Vicki (43) Newton have 2 boys: 12-year-old Aaron Jr. and 5-year-old Kobe.

While the boys are well-behaved for their dad, Kobe saves his bad behavior for Vicki: He acts very violent by kicking, hitting, biting and swearing at her while Aaron Jr. talks back to her.

While Aaron Sr. insists that he doesn't need Supernanny's help because of his strict parenting skills, he believes Vicki needs it the most. Can Jo help out this divorced couple?


Newton Family transcript


Jo heads to San Jose, California where she meets the Newton Family. Vicki introduces Kobe to Jo. Vicki tries to get Kobe to stop throwing the ball, but Kobe throws the ball.

In the computer room, Kobe slammed the keyboard and Vicki tells him not to slam the keyboard. Vicki tries to get Kobe off the computer but it's too late when Kobe slapped her and told her to get off him.

After a long tantrum, Vicky has had enough and goes into the other room to find Jo, who has a bone to pick with her. Suddenly, Kobe slams the door open and throws an object. The fight continues.

Eventually, Vicky had enough. She then calls Aaron in and Aaron hurts Kobe. Then, after both Kobe and Vicky had enough, Vicky calms Kobe down.

After going to Dad's house for a night, the next day, Kobe loses a privilege for throwing rocks. Kobe then gets very angry and embarks on a long rampage.

After hours of destroying the house, Vicky comes in and calms Kobe down.


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