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Episode summary

In this special episode, Supernanny Mike Ruggles meets the Marko family of Temecula, California. Parents Doug (37) and Tracy (36) have their hands full with three young daughters, Gwen (7), Alexa (4) and Jacinda (8 months).

Gwen is an opinionated young girl with a strong will. However her relationship with her parents is extremely rocky especially with her father who has that same bad temper. They argue and fight with one another. Gwen hates homework so much that it would take two hours to get it done. Doug's method of discipline is yelling, spanking, banishing her to her room, and throwing her aggressively on her bed. The house is, sadly, filled with anger and chaos. Worryingly for Tracy and Doug, Alexa is beginning to copy her big sister’s aggressive behavior. Can Mike help out the Marko’s before it gets far worse?

Post Episode

Tracy & Doug divorced.

Family members

Person Age Relation to Family
Doug Marko 37 Father
Tracy Marko 36 Mother
Gwen 7 (born March 2, 2001) Daughter
Alexa 4 (born June 30, 2003) Daughter
Jacinda 0.8 (8mo) (born September 13, 2007) Daughter

Behind the Scenes

This was Filmed in May 2008.


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