The Ball Family is the tenth episode of series 2 of the British Supernanny TV show.


"Thirty-three-year-old Michelle Ball lives in South London with her two sons, three-year-old Ryan and one-year-old Kyle.

Michelle used to be an outgoing woman brimming with confidence and ambition. A Latin dance champion, she lived life to the full.

But four years later she's a full-time mum and things couldn't be more different. Even though he's three, Ryan is still in nappies, acts like a baby and is violently jealous of his little baby brother Kyle. Even with Gran's full-time help, Mum doesn't have a minute for his baby brother, and even less for herself.

Can Supernanny Jo Frost put an end to the misery and give Michelle her life back?

Jo shakes up the household by sending Gran away, enforcing a strict routine, stopping Ryan demanding to be carried all the time, getting rid of the dummies and nappies, and imposing a proper bedtime routine.

Things pick up until Supernanny finds Michelle in floods of tears." - Channel 4 website


Person Age Relation to Family
Michelle Ball 30 Mother
Iris 69 Grandmother
Ryan 3 Son
Kyle 1 Son


In 2019 Ryan is now 17, and Kyle is now 14.


Events Post-Supernanny

Ryan took photographs of a run-down park using Michelle's camera. The photos Ryan took were then sent to council and clean-up efforts went underway since then.[1]



  1. Operation playtime! How one boy and his camera shamed council into sprucing up park. DailyMail (June 2, 2010).

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