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Jo visits the Swanson family of Ellensburg, Washington, where parents Ken (32) and Vania (29) are struggling to discipline their 5 sons: 9-year-old Alex, 8-year-old Dawson, 5-year-old Myca, 4-year-old Brenden, and 3-year-old Christian who are outta control with their aggressive behavior.

Vania isn't as strict as Ken, which causes frustration for both of them. Because of Ken and Vania's disagreements with their form of discipline, they are on the verge of divorce.

Can Jo help this family out?


Jo introduced the Naughty Corner technique (seen in Parents Evaluation footage) and Household Routine (seen on chart in background), but we don't get to actually see the Swansons learn them. This episode is more about family bonding and trust than it is about discipline.


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