The potty training technique is for parents to be able to teach that the bathroom is the place to go, and as a big kid, there will not be any diapers until the evening.


  1. Show child the bathroom, and explain to them that that's the place to go.
  2. Take child to the bathroom when they need to go.
  3. Take child's pants down
  4. Let the child choose to sit on the grown up toilet, or the potty.
  5. When child decides, talk to them about something different. For example, tell a story.
  6. Once your child has used the toilet, give encouragement and praise.


How To Potty Train - Supernanny US

How To Potty Train - Supernanny US

In this video, Dylan starts off throwing a fit while on the toilet, but Kevin tells him a cute story about an elephant. He eventually calms down, and he used the toilet in the Van Acker Family.

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