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Alejandra trying to control Kyle after he hit Farley

Jo Frost visits West Hills, California to meet Heather (38) and Michael Park (39) and the family nanny, Alejandra with their three children: 6-year-old son Kyle, 4-year-old daughter Farley, and 2-year-old son, Pierce.

Kyle is diagnosed with ADHD. He acts very aggressive, cutting own his hair once, and does dangerous things by going swimming without asking anyone and standing on furniture. He doesn't listen at all. Homework is a 2 hour struggle. Kyle just refuses to do it all and runs off. He's just a total ringleader. His parents took him off medication after a month. His parents also refuse to help him and all they do is yell at him. Their nanny, Alejandra also can get frustrated with Kyle.

Meanwhile the two youngest children, Farley and Pierce are picking up Kyle's aggressisive behavior.

Can Jo help the parents and Alejandra to manage the kids better and work on Kyle's ADHD?

Family members

  • Heather Park, 38
  • Michael Park, 39
  • Kyle, 6
  • Farley, 4
  • Pierce, 2
  • Alejandra, the nanny

Behind the scenes

This episode was filmed in April 2008.


Supernanny was ranked 9 in the ratings with 5,116,000 views at the time of this episode's broadcast.[1]



  1. "Primetime Broadcast Ratings, October 17, 2008"

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