Episode summary

Jo visits the Miller family in Phoenix, Arizona where Meshell (41) and David (40) have six wild kids: 13-year-old Kesley, 12-year-old Kendall, 10-year-old Meryn, 7-year-old Landon, 5-year-old Ainsley and 3-year-old Avarie.

Mom, Meshell didn't have a lot of stuff, so she decided to spoil the kids by giving the stuff that she didn't have as a child causing the kids to act out.

The only son, Landon is the ringleader of this Miller gang. He talks back, aggravate his sisters and refuses to do chores. The girls don't act out as much as him, but they're part of the gang. Meanwhile, the youngest daughter, Avarie is refusing to give up her bottles.

Mom deals with the kids by pacifying or tolerating bad behavior while Dad yells at the kids and can get physical with them.

While the family has a chore board in their house, it's usually blank. In addition, teen daughter Kesley is trusted to look after her siblings whenever her parents are out, yet she's not allowed to go out with her friends when it's only three or four in the afternoon.

Can Jo teach Meshell to put her foot down? Can she teach David to tame his temper? And can she teach David & Meshell to trust their oldest daughter?

Family members

  • Meshell Miller, 41
  • David Miller, 40
  • Kesley, 13
  • Kendall, 12
  • Meryn, 10
  • Landon, 7
  • Ainsley, 5
  • Avarie, 3


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