Episode summary

The 5th Season  ends with a bang and a visit to the Krolikowski Family in Delray Beach, Florida where Shannon (40) and John (43) have four kids: 9-year-old Kaleigh, 7-year-old Johnny, 3-year-old Karly and 2-year-old Thomas.

Both Shannon and John have high profile jobs at a large church, but their home is a far cry from a peaceful sanctuary; all four of their children fight with each other so viciously and so frequently that Shannon usually intervenes only if someone has drawn blood. We also see that "personally", Manager John doesn't even need Supernanny's help.

Can Jo teach them to handle their kids and get John on the same page with proper discipline?

Family members

  • John Krolikowski, 43
  • Shannon Krolikowski, 40
  • Kaleigh, 9
  • Johnny, 7
  • Karly, 3
  • Thomas, 2

Behind the scenes

This episode was filmed in March 2009, as shown in the Time Capsule segment, where John dated the time capsule three months from the present day (as June 12, 2009).

Events Post-Episode

John Matthew Krolikowski, Sr. (born November 12, 1965) died on July 5, 2011 at 45 years old after being stung by a yellow jacket.


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