The Cooke Family is the fifth episode of Series 2 of the British Supernanny show. It was remade and re-released as the fifth episode of Season 2 of the American Supernanny show.


"Supernanny needs to draw on all of her 16 years experience of nannying when she meets Paul and Denise Cooke and their three daughters: four-year-old Erin, six-year-old Gabriella and nine-year-old Meghann.

All the girls are very bright and creative but their arguments with their parents regularly turn into shouting matches. Meghann's relationship with her mum is very stressful and the family hardly ever go out in public together for fear of an embarrassing scene.

Supernanny adapts her tried-and-tested techniques to fit the Cookes' problems, with the renowned naughty step replaced by a bigger reflection room for all the girls, and attempts to improve the mood and reward good behaviour.

Does Supernanny have what it takes to quell Meghann's explosive temper or has she finally met her match? And how will Mum and Dad cope when Supernanny leaves to see if they can use her new techniques on their own?" - Channel 4 website


Person Age Relation to Family
Paul Cooke N/A Father
Denise Cooke N/A Mother
Meghann 9 Daughter
Gabriella 6 Daughter
Erin 4 Daughter


Behind the Scenes

This episode was filmed in mid June to early July 2005, as stated in the 100th Episode Special of the American Supernanny show.

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