Episode summary

Jo visits the Colombo family in Melbourne, Florida where Joe (41) & Danielle (30) have three children: 4-year-old Carlo, 3-year-old JJ and 1-year-old Julia.

With Joe working long hours as an attorney, Danielle is left all alone at home to take care of the kids. JJ is quite a physical kid: he hits, kicks, punches and slaps while Carlo is a picky eater and has a scream, which according to Danielle, "takes your breath away."

At first when nanny Jo arrives, Danielle is filled with excitement to see her, but when it comes to an issue during JJ's nap-time, the two of them switch from happy mode to defensive mode.

Can Jo help out the Colombo family?

Family members

  • Danielle Colombo, 30
  • Joe Colombo, 41
  • Carlo, 4
  • JJ, 3
  • Julia, 1


Season Seven
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