Episode summary

Jo visits the Amouri Family in Michigan where Tamara (31) and Michael (30) need help with their 4 children: 4-year-old Hailey, 2-year-old twins Jianni and Julian and 1-year-old Ashton.

Hailey is stubborn and bossy towards her parents, the twins get into everything in the house, and the house is so unprotected, baby Ashton nearly gets into a light socket. The kids also sneak out of the house and run out on the street unsupervised.

Tamara spends most of her day cleaning and Michael works many hours every day. Jo is shocked when she discovers that Hailey has been listening to gangster rap on her mom's MP3 player. Can Jo help this family out?

Family members

  • Tamara Amouri, 31
  • Michael Amouri, 30
  • Hailey, 4
  • Jianni and Julian, 2
  • Ashton, 1

Behind the scenes

This episode was filmed in November 2006. The Amouri family faced eviction shortly after filming this episode.


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